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Re: (TFT) Mars - Vasimr & Radiation.

It's not the general level of rads as much as potential for them.
Longer travel times really ups the "saving throw" for a flare in the plane
If you have an "engine" up there then it's a different ballgame, also if all
goes well as its want too then the actual risks aren't so bad that
adventures wouldn't undertake it, but these methods would never fly in a
galactic center due to the cosmic rays I'd think.
What's just a trace out here becomes orders more intense closer in.
The quicker you can get there the better I'd think.

Also, what would be the working life of a highly trained pilot absorbing
x-number of rads per trip?
If those guys could only make a handful of trips before risking serious
effects then the profit margin is gonna suffer...
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