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Re: (TFT) scaled stats

On Friday, September 30, 2011, gem6868 wrote:
> **One way to work onthis, which is "realistic" but also pleasing to the
players, is that instead of them playing just a single character, they
represent a "house" or a "family" that are working together to become more
secure / rich / powerful, etc.   When a character gets knocked off, you roll
to see who will be the next "VIP" of the House D'Amberville or whatever and
work on it.  Other important members can be NPCs.  It is interesting as
player's houses will develop interesting characteristics and legends.  In
many ways it is more fun than just running a character.  I'm certain that
there are any number of RPGs who've worked this out somewhere.  GURPS
probably has a number of modules where this might work.

I use Pendragon as a model here.
Playing a family tree is pretty nifty.
Another reason to build instead of destroy.
Jen only had a half-dozen "adventures" but he passed it on down the "tree".
Gladiators tended to live 5 fights as I understand, but that seems awfuly
Still, I like to try and provide other play options besides "kill".
"Revenge is a dish best served cold"
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