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Re: Change (was: (TFT) Jobs table: ...)

At 23:06 -0400 10/2/11, gem6868 wrote:
 And you'd be a "progressive" barbarian if ...<graphic image deleted>...

... in reply to a posting by my *daughter*. No harm done, but I just feel a little constrained to request slightly more gentleman-like language....

Fascinating thread, though. Neil's point is well-taken in one sense - many areas of the world developed high levels of culture and some aspects of science and technology (astronomy, gunpowder, etc.) well beyond what western Europe did under the influence of the church.

On the other hand, it's not much of a stretch to say western European culture and technology are now dominant worldwide, and the church certainly played an important role in that.

At 23:06 -0400 10/2/11, Dan wrote:
Could also be that the presence of magic reduces the need for industry.
I doubt this notion would be popular within the Wizard's Guild ...

per ITL pp. 30: "...in no known land is the technological level higher than medieval to early Renaissance. Most people just aren't interested - and the Wizards' Guild encourages this disinterest!"
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