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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1

Ok, I finally broke down and played Death Test 1 using Melee rules for the first time in decades.

I used four 36-point characters and a version of the Secret Simple Super Strategy ;-) my dad and I came up with to defeat the Death Test trilogy when I was about 12 or 13 years old.

The strategy still works well, though my TFT expertise and tactics were slightly rusty. However we were betrayed by luck early on, doing weak damage, breaking an important weapon, and suffering a major wound in the bear room, putting one member at -3DX. The next serious battle was also a _very_ near thing, the injured character was killed, then another was wounded near to dying, but then we had a little luck and the battle turned. We found a magic healing potion after that battle and I did some re-equipping with looted equipment and switched tactics a bit to adjust for the new group. We then destroyed the next two rooms taking only two 1-point hits, and made it out with 19 gold bars and 5 jewels, scoring 390 / 4.

Very gratifying and fun!

I'm glad I didn't get wiped out, or I might compulsively try again. I might anyway since I have an idea for a different tactic that I've never tried.

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