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Re: (TFT) shoving around

So I hit the living room and it's on this g4 channel "American Ninja"
So those are static challenges at xd6 from a set difficulty that ought to be
roughly the same for earth-normal standards across game-worlds.
I'm not saying that you can't set things higher or lower for your purposes,
I'm just saying from a communicative p.o.v. it's good to call the
salmon-ladder obstacle xd6 vs Stat as a starting point of description.
It's a GM to Player communication that says "as your telling me this now I
see your odds as x-percent" offering further elaboration on the part of the
player, likely for a cost of fST for the caveat.
I'm willing to burn up this reserve in this moment to improve my odds or
increase my effect at this particular juncture.
Still playing craps... just a edumacated version of it that still relies on
issues of poker like the bluff.
I think certain Talents might give a player access to their "smartphone"
during play...
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