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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

Thanks for your agreement, demonstrated below, that saves me from further citations.

As the list now has the benefit of your "expert('s) opinions" (plus they'll do whatever they like anyway) we can leave behind the fallacious idea of the pole arm as super-weapon, and move on to correcting it in the game as we deem necessary. There's already been a couple of suggestions. However,d my edition of Melee doesn't even have it as a problem. It's time to move on...

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To the point at hand, the pole arm wasn't a super-weapon in real life.  It
was slower and less adept at parrying than a sword.

And you need to cite how you know that's true. I say it's not true
because the masters of the period, and period accounts, show it to be

**break in post**

My personal opinion is that the most flexible option is two single
handed weapons. The period masters seem to think that the most flexible
is the sword in two hands, as it allows the wielder to let go with one
hand to wrestle. =====
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