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Re: (TFT) Reality vs. Game Mechanics

Yes, it is surprising. No, I haven't made errors. As an example, a blade 30" long, that's of diamond section, being 2" X 1.4" at the base, and 1" X 1/8" at the tip weighs about a pound and a half. The single-handed nonrapiers I've handled are not nearly as long as the rapiers, for starters. The rapiers are not as wide, but are as thick. Depending on the exact type to non-rapier, some may taper more or less, but the rapiers have a longer taper (being longer blades). But the rapiers do have more extensive hilts, which is what I count for a lot of the difference. A simple cross and pommel really doesn't weigh as much as a sewpt hilt.
Neil Gilmore

Quoting Joey Beutel <mejobo@comcast.net>:
I'm surprised your rapiers are weighing more than your nonrapiers... Sure you're converting numbers right?
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