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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

They seem to work OK for me. A;though I've ridden, I do not currently ride (though there's some trying to get that to change, like Lloyd Clark, who'd like another guy around). And, unfortunately, I haven't done any combat riding of any sort. But I know a few jousters. And none of them are gamers.
Neil Gilmore

Quoting Sgt Hulka <hulkasgt@yahoo.com>:
Speaking of knights, one of my favorite things about Advanced Melee are the
mounted combat rules. I've played a lot of different miniatures game systems,
and the Advanced Melee mounted combat rules (well...the ones for melee combat,
not missile combat) do a remarkable job of feeling right. Which is doubly
remarkable since they seem almost to have been an after thought.
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