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Re: (TFT) please help (OT?)

I missed that. Means, the shield sees the particle and steers the ship around it? I'm not totally sure that would save energy relative to zapping the particle.

At 18:01 -0500 11/11/11, <dwtulloh61@cox.net> wrote:
I seem to recall hearing about "navigational shields" on a Trek show
once.  NavShields would certainly mitigate the effects of dust and other
small particles, small being relative to the amount of power dumped
into the shields.

---- Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu> wrote:
 "Magic" - Star Trek/Star Wars, you have some sort of drive that makes
 space look like nothing.

	At some point, relativity gets involved and you start having
 to crank in time dilation, redshift/blueshift, and similar effects.
 At some point, very fast (relative to you) dust particles hitting you
 become fatal projectiles; likewise normal light photons blue-shifted
 up to the gamma radiation range. Apparently, "magic" drives overcome
 both of these effects and probably many others.

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