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(TFT) TFT: The Sewers of Redpoint Pictures

Hey gang,

I just got back from TotalCon up in Mansfield Massachusetts this past weekend. At the con I ran two Melee/Wizards games based on the Dark City Games scenarios "The Sewers of Redpoint" and "The Dark Vale", both by Bret Winters. I'm a member over at www.heroscapers.com (I go by Grishnakh) and I just posted pictures of my new and improved Sewers game over there. There are spoilers of course so be warned.

I had four players for Sewers of Redpoint that had played TFT back in the day. They were pretty surprised and happy to see it on the schedule and had a great time. By the way, sad to say that evil won the day and all of my players were killed at the very end. Regardless they all enjoyed it. One even shook my hand and said that was so very Robert E. Howard like!

Sorry to say no one showed to play the Dark Vale (I was up against some stiff competition in my Saturday night time slot) so I ran a few of it's combats for some new players as an introduction to the game.

My competition of course was from D&D. Everyone just wanted to sit around and look at rule books... Did I just say that? I meant to say "play" D&D. (As far as I can tell, and judging from what I saw most of the weekend, looking at rule books is indeed how you play D&D.) Anyway, TFT is a fading memory these days, sad to say. No one but a few older gamers knows what it is anymore. And given the chance they'll play D&D most of the time, something I really just can not fathom.

Oh well, I did introduce it to a group of new players!

Scroll down a bit on the page to see the shots:

David O. Miller

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