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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #253

Hey Joel

The closest thing I'm aware of to an full on class system is the
hero/wizard Talent/Spell divide.
TFT ITL pgs 6 & 7 lists a number of "different kinds of character" as
fighter or wizard.
The Jobs List is also suggestive of some kind of martial class but this was
always pretty vague intentionally.
My thoughts have been that if I want to do more than a series of combats
resulting in a "boss" encounter you have to make other aspects playable.
"*You* know *you didn't even give them a good* **bang** at the *end* of
songs, to let them know when to clap?"
I've been trying to add building game mechanics for stuff like merchants
and politicians where they have real and meaningful pies to go
thumb-fishing for plums with.
No point in learning Architect/ Builder without a building system.
If siege warfare is a regular thing then Mechanician or Engineer and etc.
start looking attractive as a character type apart from combat.
Of course if defenses collapse to the point that the baddies are spilling
into camp then it's a bit like the king in chess.
Mostly run away.
Ergo a kings willingness to invest in the throne room.
When experience is tied to dealing damage then even the wizards are gonna
focus on martial with the rest being secondary to the point.
With a pretty rich Talent pool to draw out of and some system support and
rewards tied to the non-combat stuff other options have enough game actions
to approach playable.
A interesting way to play it structurally is for players to play bloodlines
instead of single Figures.
These are my melee Figures, these are my downtime Figures.
Yes the mayor Figure can also be good in melee but it doesn't take too
large a group to need specialists.
Ever mess with Sid Meier's Colonization?
You can pick up a petty criminal at the docks, ship 'em over seas, send 'em
to the Indians, and after a few months out pops an expert (farmer, miner,
This would be interesting in TFT.
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