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Re: (TFT) SJ Games Conan releases

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Joel BoardgameRpger wrote:

> You are probably one of the most interesting people on the internet. How do
> we bottle you?
New Snapple Insanity, made from the purest stuff on Earth!

> I pulled out my carwars a month or so ago, and read the rules. I realized i
> couldnt figure out how to play the game based on the way the rules were
> written. I even pulled out the deluxe boxed edition. No luck.
> Maybe it needs to be re-written.
Come to think of it that's a pretty fair point.
Most games were very "learn by do" back then.
I recall it before the turning keys...
There's a lot of jargon in CW.

Machine-Gun (.50-cal) - To hit 7, 1 die damage, 3 DP. Cost $1,000, weight
150 lbs. 1 space. Holds 20 shots ($25 and 2.5 Ibs. each). Loaded
weapon costs $1,500 and weighs 200 Ibs. loaded magazine costs $550 and
weighs 65 Ibs. Area effect.

I forgot about the learning curve.
I've taken a look at some of the MMORPG's and notice the same kind of thing.
Changing the wording of the descriptive text could be interesting.
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