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(TFT) Dear friends on tft and microgames. Busily assessing a new game... W, R & M

Hello all.

I found another rules light candidate for your perusal.

This is called Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. Its a good simple interesting, and
well thought out system.

I found the 4 page rule book, made up a character sheet on my TFT shared
google directory. You are welcome to check it out. Make a copy for

It's a 3 stat system. I made up a character sheet. Each human character
starts with 1 talent and 3 skills. I might allow 2 talents, and 3 skills.
That way it would feel a bit more like Savage worlds.

Saturday night i found the newer version which is chock full of nice
graphics, and expanded rules. There is a suppliment for races, expanded
combat, and another for spells.

The link to the website:



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