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(TFT) Question to all of you

Hey everyone,

Someone contacted me through my web site looking for info on a game. I do not know it. Does this ring a bell with any of you?

(Pictures of board layout removed)



Found your website through the Wikipedia entry's link relating to Melee and Wizard hex boardgames by Metagaming. You have a really interesting site. However, what I am looking for has become very difficult to find.

I am looking for a 1980's "board" game (or "hex die game", I am really not sure what it should be categorized as) and I think it had the word "Maze" or "Labyrinth" in the title. It consisted of 3" x 3" square sheets of a grid pattern (9 squares: 3 per row, 3 per column, colored either black or white--see bottom of this email for examples) that when placed next to each other would create a maze. It was a 2 player game. Some squares had a T shape, some an L shape, some had a corner, some had a straight line down the center of the grid. See my examples at the bottom of this email of what some of the 3x3 maze parts looked like.

There were 2 teams: the Heroes, and the Evil Dungeon Owner (or Evil Wizard). Each team had a set of precut playing pieces made out of small square cardboard pieces, smaller than the individual squares on the maze. Hero enters the maze to rescue the Princess character out of the center of the maze. But all the Evil Dungeon Owner game pieces are placed face down in the maze after the Dungeon Owner has created a maze layout (using most or all of the 50 or so 3" squares). The Princess' location is not known until someone of the hero's team stumbles upon the room where the princess is kept. 

Some names of the pieces of the Evil Dungeon Owner team:
	 Guard05 (don't actually recall how many guards there were in total)
	 Additional monsters (whose names I cannot recall)

Heroes Team:
	 Cleric (or Mage?)
	 Mage (I think)
	 Additional pieces

All team pieces had preprinted pictures on them in black on a red background. All pieces had pre-assigned strength, dexterity etc etc attributes. Each piece had pre-assigned amount of spaces it could take in each turn for its movement. These movement spaces were a digit that was printed on the playing piece in one of the corners. Also printed in a corner was its strength/IQ or something like that. No new team members could be created for either player as all pieces came preprinted in the game's ziploc bag. This was not an actual role playing game like D&D or The Fantasy Trip. Also, the fighting was done with a something like a 10 or 16 sided die, not traditional 6-sided dice.

I want to purchase a copy of it. What is its actual name? Can you please help me locate a copy of this game? It is not the one called "In the Labyrinth." I have read the instructions for ITL and ITL requires a Game Master to create character sheets.

Note that these 3x3 tables are supposed to be squares. I hope they keep their shape on your screen when you read this email! Each table measures 20% of the email client window's width. 

In 1980, I first found the above described game at the war gaming shop in NYC called "The Compleat Strategist." It is still in business. I went there within the last year or so asking if anyone knew about the above 3x3 boardgame, but no one could help.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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