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(TFT) New creature - Night Crawlers

I recently watched Attack the Block and that inspired me to come up with the
follow creature:


Night Crawlers


Night Crawlers are cave dwelling creatures that have never seen the light of
day.  They have no eyes and use a combination of an highly evolved sense of
smell and echolocation to move and hunt.


Males are about the size of gorillas with spiky fur which is so black it
reflects no light, huge claws and multiple rows of bioluminescent glowing
fangs.  They can be highly aggressive to protect territory or females.

ST 20, DX 12, IQ 5, MA 10.  They bit for 1+1 damage and claw for 2-1.  Their
fur stops 1 hit per attack


Females are smaller and look something like a pale hairless, eyeless
dog-sized creature.  When scared, a female will release pheromones in an
attempt to attract any surrounding males to protect her.  Any character in
contact with a female has a 4 in 6 change of coming into contact with these
pheromones without knowing it and will start attracting any males that are
around causing them to attack that character only.

ST 6, DX 13, IQ 6, MA 12, and bite for 1 -1 


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