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(TFT) How would you modify HaOW? (Heroes and other worlds)

How would you modify HaOW? Heroes and other worlds?

We got to playing it the other night. It was interesting.
They have attack and defense options. One of their attack options is called

You can buy 5 pts of skill lvls for any IQ or ST skills. Weapons are
considered ST skills.

BERSERK: The way it works is  you get 2 attacks (at no minus), and the next
time your opponent attacks you he ignores your armor.

The way you create a character is you take 10 points and spread them around
these 'base 8' characteristics.

ST:8   DX:8   IQ:8 EN:8   +10 pts.

What is STR used for? Weapon ST mins. DAMAGE is first taken off of EN
first, and then it comes off of ST.

So you could have a ST:18. Weapon STR minimums cut off at 12.  HTH damage
is based on 1 per 6 STR. So you could theoretically have 3 damage HTH, What
good does 3 HTH do? well  you could add 3 lvls of Unarmed Combat and have 6
HTH damage points. or add 4 lvls?

I built char sheet HaOW and have been experimenting. I have mixed
feelings.  Nice features of the book is a spell section, monster section,
treasure section, and some scenarios.

I'm looking for some input and ideas.
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