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(TFT) oops: resend... more info

Im sorry to bother you guys again.

Are there any of you in norther Virginia that would like to join us in
Silver Spring.

I put Narenos, Archer from Cauldron issue #0  into the sheet.
I need font opinions.
look at the equipment section and tell me what font looks the best.

Monster maker works great.
you can make a named monster at the top based on the race.
or you can make/modify monsters at the bottom, as mooks.

Please  look over the sheet and see if there are more corrections i need to

I wanted to make the sheet like a database, where you could put multiple
tabs in for diffferent characters except that I key adjust str and DX off a
named range. I will have to change that.

For those of you not familiar with my work I did a similar sheet for TFT,
including the monster maker.

I do have excel version brewing.

Thank you all for your help and corrections.

Special Thanks to John linzy who pointed out there is no T in the middle of
equiptment. :)
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