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Re: (TFT) Hello

> You have a point. Maybe it took someone finally analyzing what  it took to
> fight to make it easier. All I know is that I knew this as a good  system
> immediately because I could understand it better. If I wanted to
> introduce
> rules like bardic magic I could check them mathematically with a 3  body
> problem rather than having 6 or 8 factors that might get distorted. I do
> think
> that END in HaOW bears looking at since TFT is more deadly than  D&D
> anyway.

If you look through the archives, you'll find that I'm not in favor of END
mechanics. I like combat to be deadly, mostly because it encourages a
style of play that's more than die rolling (not that TFT combat is all die
rolling by any means). I usually frame this as Middle Earth vs. Nehwon,
and I'm on the Nehwon side.

> Sir Charles 1st Earl Marshal of the Kingdom of  Caid
Cool! Nice to have another on board.

Kitakaze Raito
For my sins, current Earl Marshal of Northshield

Neil Gilmore
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