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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

I just realized I've in essence come up with what amounts to a theory of
coconut migration... I did say crazymaking...

On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 10:06 PM, Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com> wrote:

> Again, what is 1 point of any of this stuff?
> That is fundamentally, foremost, and above all the alpha a numero uno
> reason one we ended up with psue sue sudio or howeverinthehellyouspellit
> instead of a glimpse of the dark side once we lost the band leader... god
> damn remote controls, but that's another matter isn't?
> To give a go at putting me into english I'm asking what is being tweeked
> when there's no objective definition of what a single point of damage is
> supposed to represent? Jay?
> I use these values to tie it down
> 1pt ST = 5.5 foot pounds
> 1pt DX = 1 second / DX
> 1pt IQ = 2 seconds / IQ
> The figure for ST is used as a measure of force or work and DX and IQ are
> used as units of time, fundamentally as a measure of the duration between
> the physical initiation of two Actions in the case of DX and the frequency
> of perceptual moments mentally for IQ at a resolution of one tenth of one
> second. It gives a few base units that can then Scale up to help build
> CRT's and can be modified to represent training, Talents, tools... without
> some objective definitions of what the first unit is supposed to represent
> its all a bit up in the air so I tacked it down told Dorthy to get down in
> the cellar and am off to climb the mast and Lt Dan a bit till I remember
> I've got legs... it one of those screwtape subjects really, delicious fun
> in small doses but a bit crazymaking as a focus. I prefer constructive play
> to destructive in stand alone settings and my ruthers is a strong mix of
> the two. I've come to feel that the tabletop RPG is a medium
> of communicative expression that differentiates itself from other
> storytelling forms in its elevation of the audience from a passive to an
> active role in the imaginative process. Rules are ideally paired with
> components such that the information provided by the rule supports the
> components use in a mannar such that as a new Player goes through the
> mechanics of play the rules become "picked up" and the text becomes
> generally unnecessary but FRP is the meta top of games mountain so to speak
> and has some heftier information loads to carry on top off its social
> functions as an objective authority that serves to help arbitrate
> disagreements and provide an orderly flow of purpose and organization to
> play proceedings. In the end though that's all just support for the heart
> of the thing which is what goes on around the table in play and that should
> be focused on the strength of this medium particularly which is that shared
> imaginative creation that results in stories business that gets all mucked
> up when I don't know what 1 point of damage means... the information age
> however currently renders the Guniess barroom argument arbitrator approach
> of the 70's obsolete and illustrations are not rules either along with
> contents listings, indexes, or background stuff (examples of play get a
> pass) but without objective definition it's the bloody geometric point all
> over again for me. Anyway, the rest of the damage problem stems from that
> walmart hodgepodge that glorious wtf AD&D gave us (which TFT "corrects"
> kindda flipping the turn order on its head... an old DMG theory I dig)
> which mixes time periods, materials, and techniques into a list that I'm
> not sure in fact of a collection in the world that could currently or ever
> match it, not that I've bothered to look, but weapons are tools and some
> got very specialized in design for use in mass or as an answer to some
> specific advance in equipment or tactics of an enemy but that's all lost.
> Some good measurements and the things got a psudo-phase system to it I
> recall though and... well I'm here aren't I? Gateway game. So that's yet
> another try at getting a Jay into english translation of why I think this
> stuff is important. Without it we're like movie directors with no hardware
> support all cobbeling together our own cammers and formats, nobodys stuff
> plays well on other peoples equipment... So this is an attempt to offer a
> kindda freeware camera for any interested game organizational directors who
> might want to cross pollinate their creations Amber style say or wars in
> heaven, that kind of thing. What happens when two "brains" collide in the
> multiverse? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZujuYiweht8
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