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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

On Thu, 15 Aug 2013 10:55:41 -0700
"Edward Kroeten" <ekroeten@farmersagent.com> wrote:
> The TFT Archivist has it you can email archivist@brainiac.com and ask for
> access I think you have to list what TFT stuff you own.  Joe Hartley has all
> the info.
       [ orig post ]
>        Has anyone taken on the task of re-writing Advanced Wizard and
> Advanced
>          Melee, including rules clarifications, etc.?
>          I've set out to do this a few times, because I really think that the
>          community could really use a good, FREE copy of a living TFT
>          Super-Codex, compiled and overhauled for clairty. I know some people
>          have written rewrites (and some for sale), but I think we need a
>          "legacy" document to draw off of.

The Archivist's vault only has the original Metagaming material.  There's
nothing like a rewrite there.  (The original Codex is MIA as well.)

A number of people have ventured to try a rewrite, often with an eye towards
avoiding any copyrighted material, and some have gotten further
than others but I don't think anyone has anything close to a finished work.

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