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Dodging arrows (was: Re: (TFT) Targeting Horses and their Riders)

At 2:15 -0400 8/24/13, Neil wrote:
Most of those re-enactors are not using the poundage that would have been
used in combat.

I was about to say the same thing. I think SCA has a limit of 30 lbs. draw weight (?corrections?), and enough padding on the arrow tip to make it a heavy (ie slow) arrow. Daughter and I were out shooting Saturday, and the difference between a 23-lb bow and a 45-lb bow is just night and day in terms of ability to follow the arrow in flight - the son even mentioned this: "Dad's arrows just seem to suddenly appear at the target" or something like that. And I'd say 45 lbs is definitely on the light side of any estimate I've heard for draw weight of a serious longbow.

I think of TFT "dodge" not as "figure out trajectory, estimate where it'll arrive, and move out of the way" but as "twitch randomly back and forth, get behind stuff, and generally add some random factor to where the archer is aiming". Otherwise, I assume it would rely on the target's adjDX to some degree, which in the base rules it does not.
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