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Re: (TFT) okay so who knows multitouch?

"... preferably one that starts off like it might be coherent and/or
comprehensible, and then becomes trailing intangible stream of

Welllll yeaaahhhh... sorta... lol!

Totally fair enough Sir! I resemble that remark. lol. My goodness I get the
full blown pink monkey treatment most other places

"On Thu, 6 Jan 2011 18:22:16 -0500

Joey Beutel wrote:

> Thats interesting. I skimmed most of the ending bit (with all the
> bouts, as its too long to read right now, and I'm not sure it was
> meant to be read really)

Two things spring to my caffeine-deprived brain:

First is that one should always feel free to trim the posts you're
responding to.

Second is that that last phrase (I'm not sure it was meant to be read
really) might apply to a fair percentage of Jay's material!!

Happy new year, folks.  Keep writing, Jay!"

In this case however I'm fairly confident in scaled bases for Figures
but dice physically rolled are an interesting consideration... how
might a set of dice that roll on a touch screen manifest if practical
at all? The idea is how to show where the tables strengths are to
munchkins who never played at table, just stuck faces into the glass
teats and called it "social" and don't know what to play too
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