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(TFT) Re: Giant Hornets uhhh actual Giant Hornets

"The method used by these insects to hunt for food resembles a military
movement. Scouts are sent out to locate potential prey and when they find
it they mark it with a pheromone and return their nest. When they return,
they bring along 30 Asian Giant Hornets and they will begin their attack.
It only takes this group of hornets three hours or so to kill a hive of
about 30,000 honeybees and their intent is to find the larvae in the nest.
They then bring back the larvae to their own nest to feed themselves and
the rest of the hive."

"... a beekeeper describes his encounter with one of these honeybee killers
in his home. The keeper described the buzzing sound of the Asian Giant
Hornet to be “earth-shatteringly” louder than your average 

"...estimations put their top speed at 25 mph and they have been known to
travel 60 miles when chasing their dinner. Victims can be stung multiple
times due to the fact that their stingers do not have a barb, they remain

"These hornets have been have keen senses and can smell human sweat,
perfume, and they are sensitive to bright colors."

"Humans are the only predator for the Asian Giant Hornet, which are the
apex predator in their native habitat."


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> http://theallegiant.com/swarms-of-giant-hornets-leave-41-dead-and-1600-in

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