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(TFT) Fwd: Adventures of the M. Python (silver spring, md) (mongoose travelleresque, using hero games mechanics)

Adventures of the M. Python continued (mongoose travelleresque, using hero
games mechanics)

Keywords: scifi, bump in the night, travelling mercenaries, fireflyish

The last adventure ended with our intrepid (read psychotic) heroes, and
rescuing the student who had been reported lost/kidnapped. The players
obtained the contract to find and rescue the girl, possibly from a Ghoren
outpost, when in actuality, the crew traced the girl to a local medical
reprogramming facility where many other women like her were being
reprogrammed into assassins.

During the successful (keystone style) raid, they also recused the daughter
of STERM enterprises, an interplanetary weapons manufacturer, and claimed
an additional 25,000 space credit reward. At the same time, possibly making
an ally... Good for them.

As they continued on their milk run journey to Liege System, the captain,
picked up another short term contract to explore a local ruins, and pickup
some trade goods that were buried there. Come now, its never that easy.

The new mission is being sponsored by a local broker, Klytis Pennington, of
Pennington brokerage. The mission involved contacting a pilot on the second
moon of Darkmist, and following his instructions to the location of the

The caveat: the players had to make a deal with the pilot. In order to
obtain the location of the ruins, they had to REMOVE the director of the
'Aggressive Bounty'. The Pilot, a decorated patron himself, and
indisputable evidence that the former medical doctor  in the tactical
medical military wing of federal Bureau of Tactical enforcement, was now
involved with some outrageously hideous medical DNA acanowave experiments.
And, That had to be stopped.

The landed on the second moon in the 3rd agrodome. Agrodomes can hold up to
a million people, and many different farming communities. The town
associated with Aggressive bounty,  was something akin to a small country
town, think Mayberry.
Aggressive bounty was relatively new in their community. They joined this
part of the dome about 8 years ago.

The team sent out their recon guy, who got as far as the front gate of
Aggressive bounty, agricultural research facility. On the way back the
recon guy encounter a private security firm patrolling and also the local
police patrolling.

The recon guy was spotted by a guard dog. Huge mutant dog... hideous...
dangerous... Leaping ability, retractable maw, and some sort of sensing
tentacles around the neck area... hideous pure and simple. With concerted
effort the recon guy killed it. A sign of things to come?

Later that evening, the party split up AGAIN, half went to the town to
scout out the folks, for a meet and greet at the inn. The other half
prepared for an insertion via sewers into the fortified compound of
Aggressive bounties....

There is some nightmarish evidence of things running around here... even
confirmed meet and greet at May's coffee shop. Answers could lie in
Aggressive Bounties Compound...

 to be continued.

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