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(TFT) Arthurian Grail Quest using TFT rules

The priest hesitated at the end of the tunnel. He glanced back the way he h
ad come. No more than a faint smudge of light showed him where the entrance
 to the ancient catacombs lay. The wick in his lantern was sputtering and s
moking in the pool of rancid grease that fueled his light. Enough was enoug
h. They had done what they came to do: repaired the entrance way, cleared o
ut the worst of the debris. 

Surely that was enough? 

He turn
ed to trace his way back to the daylight, out of the buried graveyard. He w
as strong in his faith that the bones around him had long since given up th
eir souls and that God would protect him against all manner of evil things,
 but there was a smell down here, and a sense of things moving in the darkn
ess, just out of sight, that put his teeth on edge and made him think pagan
, blasphemous thoughts. He started to hurry, eager to be free of the ancien
t bones and the crowding darkness. 

That was when he slipped. On a l
oose stone. His left foot shot out in front of him and he teetered backward
s, his arms windmilling for balance. The tiny lamp flew up and crashed agai
nst the rough stone roof of the tunnel. The wick winked out though he could
 trace the glowing coal of its tip for a second in the profound blackness t
hat descended, even quicker than he did. 

And then he landed, hard, 
on his shoulder against a raised stone. But the object gave as his full wei
ght fell on it and splintered beneath him. A box, then. More exactly a coff
in hidden in a side niche he had not noticed. 

Rats scurried out of 
the coffin and he heard a rustle of parchment under their feet. 

lay still for long moments as he recovered his wind. The fall had hurt him,
 twisted his ankle, sprained his shoulder. But the rustle of paper was the 
focus of his attention. Documents. A manuscript perhaps, in a hidden coffin
? The bishop would be most interested to see this. 


The Siege Perilous is a sword and sorcery adventure set in t
he sixth century Britain of the legendary King Arthur. Fierce warriors and 
powerful wizards vie for supremacy in the ancient Kingdoms of Dumnonia (Dev
on and Cornwall), and visitors from all over Europe arrive daily at Camelot
 with their own agenda. Join the excitement. We're using Steve Jackson's or
iginal game system, The Fantasy Trip, to keep alive the old-school flavor a
nd there are characters open for use if you're not familiar with the system

[Historical note: The Liber Pontificalis credits Pope John I (470
 AD - 526 AD) with ordering repairs to the cemetery of the martyrs Nereus a
nd Achilleus in the Catacombs of Domitilla. These catacombs are unique in t
hat they are the oldest of Rome's underground burial networks, and the only
 ones to still contain bones. They are also the best preserved and one of t
he most extensive of all the catacombs in Rome. Included in their passages 
are a 2nd-century fresco of the Last Supper and other valuable artifacts. B
y the beginning of the 6th century AD, the catacombs had fallen into disrep
air, but many of the Saints buried there had been alive at the time of the 
Crucifixion. Flavia Domitilla herself was an early convert to the new Jewis
h faith (Christianity) and corresponded frequently with many of the early c
hurch leaders such as St. Peter, St. Paul and Joseph of Arimethea.] 

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/siegeperilous/info ;


Hope to see you there.


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