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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - hack/n/slash ethics

Seems to me that almost all of the classic RPG activities are fairly repreh
ensible in terms of how the Players have (or at least should have) learned 
to be socialized. Classic dungeon delving is nothing more than home invasio
n for the purposes of theft and murder. If someone (I imagine the dwarfs fr
om Time Bandits) came into my house to steal my stuff, I would feel very mu
ch in the right unloading both barrels in their faces, and when the authori
ties showed up  I would expect them to arrest the survivors.

As gami
ng has become more subtle, I think it is fun to play a character who questi
ons this stuff in character. The fine line to walk is being colorful rather
 than a whiner. After all, it's a game -- most of us are not out there kill
ing strangers to take their stuff -- that only happens on the news.

st my $.02

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