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(TFT) By way of introduction

Let me say "thanks!" for having me here as well as sharing a bit about myself and /MELEE/. I'm an older guy, 65, and I suspect I'm not by myself in that regard. I love games; hex based wargames, fantasy games and a couple of RPG's. Never did much in the way of gaming though, age differences and country living had a lot to do with that. Right away you can see the appeal that /MELEE/ held for me. Sure, /Tunnels & Trolls/ was a solo game but it was difficult to take seriously, a bit too much like the "/Choose your own Adventure"/ books with some dice rolling thrown in for an extra treat. I also painted figs (remember them?). Playing /MELEE/ provided me the opportunity to use them for more than just eye candy. I would paint a Balrog or something and them "blood it" in the /MELEE /arena. I think /TFT/ was simply the most elegant, internally consistent set of rules ever written. It has the added benefit of being comparatively simple to grasp and near intuitive in their application! It didn't require 20 or more supplements, you could extrapolate anything you needed. Further, it allowed me to initiate my non-wargaming buddies into the arcana of "simulated man-to-man combat with archaic weapons".
Finally, thank you Brainiac for making this resource available!

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