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(TFT) Re: (TFT) Two shots per turn is slow compared to this guy...

Yep I was just watching that this morning. Pretty amazing and a very convincing set of demonstrations, though he is clearly quite talented and practiced, as he says. Of course the 3 in 0.6 case he has the three arrows in the draw hand already, but he demonstrates many things not possible in TFT and I don't think even in GURPS (maybe w. some cinematic optional rules). You could extend the TFT sha ken rules to bows I suppose.

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Subject: (TFT) Two shots per turn is slow compared to this guy...
Date: Sun, Jan 25, 2015 8:28 AM

In the following youtube video, Lars Andersen puts Hollywood to shame, at
one point firing 3 shots in 0.6 seconds (according to the video). I don't
think anything in TFT allows to model archery at the speed he's doing it
(aimed shots would work in AM, and maybe sha-ken rules could apply to how
he shoots arrows?).

The video points out some history to support his techniques (e.g., holding
arrows in draw hand), but I didn't verify the references. Regardless of its
historical veracity, it's fun to watch!


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