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Re: (TFT) More Weapons, and variable strength


> They're at least as powerful as a katana, which is comparable to a
> fine bastard sword

I can't agree with that at all, for multiple reasons:

* Not all katana qualified as fine. Japanese metallurgy was rubbish
compared with European, so arguably none did.
* The bastard sword is a thrusting weapon that emphasises armour
penetration. The katana is primarily a slashing weapon that is best against
light armour. It's basically an overgrown sabre.
* The katana is a fairly light weapon as swords go.

When someone wanted to use a katana in my campaign I said ST 11, 1+2 with
one hand and 2 with two hands. I think that's about the right ST level and
it gives the "could use this with one hand but really two is usual" feel.

> and are quite capable of impaling/thrusting attacks.

Some might be. But others had the blade curving around so much a thrust
would be awkward at best. In my weapons list I arbitrarily said that the
naginata couldn't and the sovnya could and otherwise they are identical.

> I don't think nerfing them down to 1+1 with no charge damage
> bonus makes much sense.

It makes a lot more sense than having a ST 10 naginata do more damage than
a ST 11 spear. I think at 1+1 they are still a respectable weapon by ST 10
standards - compared with the cutlass they have the disadvantage of needing
two hands but the advantage of hitting first in the charge. And the low ST
makes sense if you also want them to be a traditional female weapon.

> I also don't think requiring an extra talent
> for them makes much sense _unless_ you are giving them some sort of
> bonus

I killed the extra talent because I saw no evidence they needed extra
training, but a 1 IQ talent is not a big deal either way.

> and so I don't see a problem for TFT: I take it as a
> specialized weapon art that uses a particular weapon and trades study
> for more-efficient-than-normal damage, while not being more deadly
> than a heavier ordinary polearm, so I don't see it as a real balance

If you don't think naginata is unbalanced then I can only wonder how good
it would need to be before you did. A 1 IQ talent is a trivial price to pay
for about +1.5 to +2 damage relative to its neighbours in the table.

> I'd suggest that it opens the door to other specialized weapon
> talents that require similar training requirements

I think all you're doing here is making the other weapons, that don't
require special talents, obsolete.


>   With two handed pole weapons, I gave them +2 damage over one
> handed because they could be doubled.

I don't understand that.


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