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Re: (TFT) new development Heroes and Other Worlds. interesting port of Mel/Wiz

On Aug 26, 2015, at 1:05 PM, TFT Digest <tft-owner@brainiac.com> wrote:

> Another wall of text and run-on sentences.

	Sigh. Yes! 

	And buried at the end (I scanned, didn’t try to read slowly and carefully because that makes *my* language centers hurt) was a great pair of references. Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood and the Daffy Duck quarterstaff parody, quoted perfectly. It was really funny and totally apropos to the quarterstaff discussion. There are practically always clever references betraying encyclopedic knowledge and fairly brilliant connection-making in Jay’s posts. And, nearly always, those are *hard* to access in Jay’s posts.

	Jay, I love your thinking and I hate how hard I have to work to recover it through your text. Editing is nowhere near as much fun as chain-of-consciousness typing practice, I get that. So my question is, are the long, typed-out posts for your entertainment or for our edification? 

	If the former, by all means, type, but maybe save yourself the work of sending and most of us the work of deleting? 

	If the latter, I’ll just put in a polite request to take a second pass before sending, take out the references that don’t work, put in punctuation and paragraph breaks, format some, put footnotes in footnotes rather than in-line, etc. etc. 

	There *is* value in what you write, but unleashing your inner editor on your posts would make that value infinitely greater as perceived by the rest of us, because the cost of absorbing it would be far lower. 

	If not, OK, but you should be aware that the format is badly diluting the value of your communications. Sometimes I have time to sift through the walls to find it, but sometimes I don't, and I regret the things I miss those times.

															- Mark

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