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Re: (TFT) New file on Economics of Wishes in TFT.

Hi all,
  I've found that Wishes were broken in TFT.  They (on the surface) were 
available at the wiz guild fairly easily.  (Several PC's have invented new
spells and gained a wish from the guild.)  And the rules suggest that wishes
should sell for $40,000.  

  However, tho PC's have bought wishes at $40 K, they have never sold
a wish.  Precious few PC's have ever even TRIED to get a wish.

  When I thought about this problem, I realized that really, really high IQ
wizards, could make wishes too easily where as normal wizards were 
crazy to even try to gain a wish.

  On Ty's TFT site I had an article that tried to fix it.  Sadly his site is now 
gone.  The essay below is a much improved version of that article.

  I would be interested to hear what you think about it.


  Warm regards, Rick.
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