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Re: (TFT) Jay's writing style.

Nixon's domestic political maneuvering was absolutely freaking brilliant to
o, but that doesn't mean I want to suffer through it again....

      From: Joel BoardgameRpger <joel.siragher@gmail.com>
 To: tft@brainiac.com 
 Sent: Friday, October 2, 2015 10:05 AM
 Subject: Re: (TFT) Jay's writing style.
i think his flow of consciousness is absolutely freaking brilliant though I
admit that i dont always understand him.

I vote to 'keep'. His parlay's into madness bring great character in this
world of PC milk-toastities.

On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 11:31 AM, Meg Tapley <barnswallow@sbcglobal.net>

> I sort of wonder if he's got some kind of actual mental issues going that
> prevent him from writing coherent paragraphs. He seems to know what good
> writing style is, and that he's not following it. Also, it seems to be
> getting worse over time. So my theory is that he's got, like, a tumor in
> his brain's copy-editing center. But then again, maybe I've just watched
> too many episodes of House M.D...
> - Meg
> On 8/25/15 9:48 PM, Rick Smith wrote:
>> Hi Jeffrey,
>>    Years ago I pointed out to Jay that good writing practices 
would make
>> his stuff much easier to read.  I got a set of broken sentences in 
>> which, I believe, boiled down to "I don't care".
>>    I've skipped every post Jay has written since.
>>    If anyone were to go thru the TFT archives, clean them up a
nd index
>> them, I believe that Jay's posts could be deleted with out losing any
>> thing of value.  I think that they significantly lower the value of
>> site.
>>    Warm regards, Rick.
>> On 2015-08-25, at 7:45 PM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
>> Another wall of text and run-on sentences.
>>>      From: Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com>
>>> To: "tft@brainiac.com" <tft@brainiac.com>
>>> Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 5:30 PM
>>> Subject: Re: (TFT) new development Heroes and Other Worlds. interesting
>>> port of Mel/Wiz
>>> Wow Jay... Your trickle of cluelessness attempts at communication
>>> could do with a few of muster Marks quarks and some STOP IT dude.
>>> I know, I know... You never wanted to write in the first place but You
>>> are writing aren't You? And You've been doing so good keeping Your...
>>> whatever it is You do in place of writing out of Your production but
>>> try firing off an e-mail and THERE'S JAY, ranting like a lunatic and
>>> generally flashing His mental junk in readers faces who'd be less
>>> scared by a straight Richard pic of His pecker than the prattle
>>> piddling on the page His porno prose amounts too... pervert.
>>> On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 5:17 PM, Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> If You make money You will be sued for everything under the sun
>>>> including trademark, copyright, corrupting the youth and impiety while
>>>> You can do all of that and use toxic inks to print on
>>>> non-biodegradable paper made from Santa's wiskers and Angle kisses in
>>>> a process that kills the Angels and causes Santa to HATE children and
>>>> it's no big whoop because, hey. No money. I learned to quit worrying
>>>> and learned to setup say a pirate software holding that puts slim XP
>>>> on >$20 "smart" stick computers, Android devices sans touch screens to
>>>> add "smart tv" functionality to not smart tv's (aka all tv's internet
>>>> conn or no) which I can distribute at half the cost of the crap the
>>>> big three are pulling with A title offerings nerfed to hell for micro
>>>> transaction and DLC bleeding of the customer base using funds formally
>>>> used to research the markets to psych-study how to manipulate and
>>>> build actuarial tables so as to cause most Players to run out of ammo
>>>> just as the Boss battle is starting but for $2 each they can get more
>>>> clips... Too far especially when ea sets up in MY hometown so with
>>>> much hoopla and fanfair undercut their garbage and deliver it on a
>>>> "computer" to boot as the goal is not to make a thin red dime of that
>>>> kind of "profit" rather it's to goad the stupid legal bullies into
>>>> actually following through on their threats and using every bit of
>>>> funds to tie up, impede, drag out, raise expense and generally keep
>>>> their expensive bullies bound up with BS and tied up on this stupidity
>>>> rather than their usual modus operandi of threats and intimidation to
>>>> get a goal accomplished regardless of the legal rightness or wrongness
>>>> of said goal. Quite frankly totalatarian business only bothers with
>>>> the rules that suit them and the vast majority of family fortunes were
>>>> initially started with profits from illegal practices like the
>>>> Godfather family who moved into international banking in The Last Don.
>>>> Start up's want fair competition while successful companies quash such
>>>> naive notions. Anyone bother to look at iminate domaine lately? There
>>>> is none because there's next to no profit in selling material
>>>> available in free form to the general public and so it was destroyed
>>>> (contrary to denials that it's only suspended it's like a toll bridge
>>>> fee that was supposed to expire in some distant future but never
>>>> did... I'll believe it when I see it and could care less about kool
>>>> aid drinkers blather about BS claiming what will happen later
>>>> especially when the source is a worthless facade of a government that
>>>> has lied and made unsubstantiated claims on practically every major
>>>> issue this century. No steel means no proof on 9/11 PERIOD. Computer
>>>> models and a panel of experts is proof of diddly squat and any idiot
>>>> who claims otherwise because they "saw it on television" is too stupid
>>>> to be classified as a human being. I SAW David Copperfield disappear
>>>> the statue of liberty on tv... no WMD's, no charges on Ossama for 9/11
>>>> and no body for the BS claim that the man was killed in some supposed
>>>> raid most people cheered because they thought the man brought steel
>>>> framed skyscrapers down with aluminum planes. American's, stupidest
>>>> people on the face of the Planet which just means We couldn't get
>>>> Gumped off the short bus like the rest... Breakfast of Champions has
>>>> some REALLY negative long term effects and the kicker is stuff like
>>>> american football becoming scripted passion play like WWE wrestling
>>>> and no longer even a sport... and Jenner's double whammy of Wheaties
>>>> box and prog rock keyboardest gender switch lacking the musicianship
>>>> but replacing that with a LOT of PR and yelling about it like Dr
>>>> Richards didn't. That's a real Richard move ther Jenner and why I lack
>>>> sympathy You demand for... nothing. A Faulkneresque little girl up a
>>>> tree with her underpants showing... the passing away of the u.s. in
>>>> wake of the united corporations of... wherever the business situation
>>>> happens to be most advantageous actually. A specific region or group
>>>> of people is meaningless to multinationals who seem primed to try
>>>> establishing meta-courts above national and regional authorities
>>>> towards those ends... annnnnd I'm probably making a bit more of it
>>>> than is warranted owing to My advanced age and the general
>>>> disillusionment that comes from finding the Wizard is a snake oil
>>>> salesman involved in hiding behind the same curtain of sound and fury
>>>> that all the rest use to pretend they actually DO know what they are
>>>> doing and have everything under control but the CoC always ends up at
>>>> some guy wearing a bear laxative hat who has the only line to the
>>>> "head guy" who lives above the clouds... "trust me". Sorry
>>>> authorities, I'm all out. Have some spite and massive quantities of
>>>> distrust instead. Guilty untill proven innocent is a much better
>>>> approach these days and that's not cynical when the gov establishes
>>>> its right to lie as protected free speech... but You best not lie to
>>>> the government as that ain't free speech and piss on Your right to not
>>>> incriminate Yourself. Which is a roundabout way of getting to My point
>>>> that copyright is Snark hunting or like trying to earn the rent at a
>>>> Vegas Casino which is a failure to either hitch the horse to the carts
>>>> front much less notice the cart lacks wheels... If You've something to
>>>> "copyright" then IMHO I'd just note that the current situation is
>>>> unlikely to hold going much further forward unless the
>>>> institutionalized corruption manages to hold in which case copyright
>>>> is WAY down the list of concerns and it might be better to take a
>>>> broader look at what a economic climate without the fiat petrol dollar
>>>> reserve domination might be like. I may in essence live in a van down
>>>> by the river but I know a change is gonna come... yes it will. Albert
>>>> Barnes thought he had a "trust" but it turned out not. Pew that stinks
>>>> but it ought to inform folks of just how much protection is in words
>>>> when the bullet hits the bone. Copyright... why do You think the good
>>>> lord made Your eyes? To Lehar? Legal systems are to be manipulated not
>>>> mindlessly obeyed because legal systems are corrupt at the very core
>>>> and slavishly following every jot and tittle of tort won't save Your
>>>> "trust" when a milkshake drinker family desires what You have. Talk to
>>>> an assassian if You really need affect or something along similar
>>>> unaffiliated lines from the puppet masters strings as the law will not
>>>> help You regardless. As a matter of fact I'm gonna go plagiarize some
>>>> stuff verbatim and put it on the web because I can and this has made
>>>> Me feel like it... not like I don't adapt/steal everything I do but I
>>>> bother to change it up and rub My stink on it enough that others don't
>>>> usually wanna claim it after I'm through with it but being the petty
>>>> bastard I am I still bother sharing hundreds of Kindle Mobi titles
>>>> after amazon screwed up My prime orders because I may be petty and
>>>> pathetic but I don't let such mistreatment just pass. Too few tit for
>>>> tat practitioners makes for more and more unpenalized corruption
>>>> because if they get away with murder why wouldn't they try genocide?
>>>> Afraid of all the apathy and football watching such a escalation might
>>>> spark from the public? There's nothing like villagers never forming an
>>>> angry mob to keep mad men from their harmful schemes. Everything all
>>>> just works out well in the end... till it doesn't.
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