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Re: (TFT) Rewrite of Melee simulator in JavaScript

What kind of pole weapon charge rules are you using? 50% chance of +2DX on charge defense? Double damage? Pole weapon user goes first?

Because, I'm pretty surprised by some of the results - Bdsd/SmallShield guy versus Halberd guy (no armor on either) shows 36% halberd win with "Defend vs pole charge" on, and 34% without the Defend on charge. That seems unexpected to me, since a 4d6 charge attack striking first and hitting 62.5% of the time, doing 12 or more damage (enough for unconsciousness through small shield) is 76%, and 9 or more damage (enough to knock down and give -3DX) 94.6% of the time. So I would expect defending to cut the chance of that first-turn 4d6 blow from 62.5% to about 24%, would be more than a 2% shift - in fact I'd expect a shift in the other direction, and the total odds for a halberd to win to be above 50%, since without Defending, from the above I get 59% chance the broadsword guy is dead or prone with -3DX on turn 1.
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