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Re: (TFT) Rewrite of Melee simulator in JavaScript

More notes:

* Halberds are only doing 2d-1 damage. Usually in TFT they are 2d+0.

* When two polearm users face off with the Defend on charge option on, they both defend and neither gets a charge. This is interesting and maybe ok for your purposes - you can simulate either a non-charge fight, or turn it off and have them both use the charge. But what you can't do, is have one of them Defend and the other attack. Good to know about the double defend though.

* In original Melee, yes there is a +2 DX for defending against a charge, though you have to not move to get it. Maybe you don't want to include that, assuming pole users are required to charge.

* I guess there is no polearms first rule in original Melee, though I don't remember ever playing without it. I never got the appeal of Melee purism or not wanting that rule, but there are such people so ok, and it probably DOES explain the numbers for the broadsword vs halberd matchup, since it lets the broadsword guy go first instead, with a decent chance to knock down the halberdier, and a very good chance of giving him -2DX, which is almost as good at spoiling the charge (or better when you factor in the chance to knock him down).

So I think that last point does explain why Defending sucks against a charge if you don't have polearms go first on a charge and you've got a better DX than the pole user - it probably is better to attack in that case. 
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