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Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles.

Mostly because I'm getting a lot of DNS errors thanks to Hughesnet's incred
ibly bad DNS server.  As a result, I'm not able to do the research I w
anted to do to address some of his points.  In short, it's not that I'
m ignoring them, but that I'm unable to respond adequately to them at this 
time, and rather than just declare him wrong, I want to find out if he real
ly is, and provide some information that he can examine in turn.
For example, I seem to recall that Swedish pikemen did very well against Ca
tholic forces during the early part of the thirty years war, but am unable 
to give specific examples because of my inadequate internet connectivity.
  Likewise, I recall several instances of Swiss Pikemen destroying ene
my armies lock, stock and barrel -- thus their reputation as the best infan
try in the world (and their continuing role as guards at the Vatican, albei
t with more modern weapons for non-ceremonial activities nowadays).  B
ut, again, am unable to give specifics at this time.
Still, the fact that I've had to keep it generic (and therefore haven't add
ressed his comments in the detail they deserve, since I believe he deserves
 to have them so addressed just as he has responded in detail to me), I har
dly think qualifies as "acrimonious."  Or even as "talking past each o
ther."  Really, I'm just marking time until the darn DNS server comes 
back on line.

Of course, if you are the moderator, and feel this has reached a point of n
o return, I will cheerfully acquiesce to your decision and refrain from fur
ther comment.

      From: Rick Smith <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca>
 To: tft@brainiac.com 
 Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 11:05 PM
 Subject: Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles.
Hi Jeff,
  Perhaps Acrimonious is the wrong word, but it is starting to feel li
you're talking past each other and using and reusing the same arguments.
For example, infantry doing well against Swiss pikes has been brought
up a couple times, but that point has not been acknowledged or addressed.

Warm regards, Rick

On 2015-10-20, at 9:22 PM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
> I actually haven't found the debate to be acrimonious at all. It seems to
> e that folks have put forward their thoughts, frequently providing exampl
> from history that have guided their personal positions, and that others h
> ve offered different insights.  No one has called anyone else 
a name, 
> and everyone seems to be working to try and understand one another's posi
> ons.  
> Are you seeing something different here?  Because I don't find
, for ex
> ample, my exchange with Ed regarding pole weapons historically speaking, 
> be anything other than informative and enjoyable.  He and I ma
y have 

> different view points, but we've made our points maturely and politely to
> ne another as far as I can tell.
> Ed, do you feel like we've been acrimonious towards one another?
> v/rJeff

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