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Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles.

I'd say pikes are interesting but an exaggerated type of polearm, where yes, they're formidable in a dense formation when it's pointed the right way in the right conditions, and someone tries to attack them head-on. See Alexander the Great, and the late medieval use of pikes to counter heavy cavalry, and in general. For pikes, yes, they're not good for a duel - you'd get one attempt to strike and then need to drop it and draw something else (unless you hit or your foe failed to get inside your point). The thing is, pikes also have this problem in TFT. See the rules for them in Advanced Melee. I don't see this example as being a case against having polearms be effective when trying to be realistic in TFT - I'd expect the "infantry" mentioned in contrast to pikemen, had many spears and polearms.

--- ekroeten@farmersagent.com wrote:
Swiss pikemen were badass no doubt in st jakob (sp) in 1444 1500 of them attacked 30k of French troops routed the cavalry and killed 3000. Before the foolish French leader Louis XI had his crossbow men and infantry wipe them out.  Less than 70 pikemen survived.
What I am saying is that when not massed they were not as good. They were close order troops. 
Again not trying to start a fight or anything. 

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