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Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles.

Have any of you read a book called The Physics of Superheores?
It's excellence comes from the fact that it doesn't challenge the powers of
the superheroes (e.g. super-strength and flight) but rather challenges the
things that are done with them (e.g. lifting a building). The heroes are
given a pass since they're, well, super, but things like buildings are not
immune to the laws of physics just because a superhero is picking them up.

Dragons are superheroes
Pikes and shields are the buildings.

Now if the polearms were harvested from magic pike trees (halberds being
the mature fruit, darts unripe and green) and the shields were thick slabs
cut from the giant shield mushroom, then you could give them whatever
properties you want, realism be damned.  Wait a minute, that sounds like a
fun game!

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