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Re: (TFT) Animated TFT Battles

What a waste of 'trons this piece of blabber was.

      From: Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com>
 To: "tft@brainiac.com" <tft@brainiac.com> 
 Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 8:15 PM
 Subject: Re: (TFT) Animated TFT Battles
Jebus yahoo chris christi on a suffering crutch M$ win10'd is... I
mean... Okay Betty speak nice of the dead or say nothing? Okay then...
I understand win10 is an unstable core trying to hump and app store on
Me for freemium profits but it's gob dropping unbelievable how awe
inducingly awful the thing is. It can't seem to even tell the
difference between "This Computer" and "My Computer" and the inability
to determine the simple NOT CLICKING a button was a GUI feature that's
been bummed since XEROX!
Seppuku you M$
Microsoft is dead.
Where's the corpse?
I gotta take a leek so bad I can taste it.
Time to do My munchkin dance.
Time to tap the admiral
Netscape Navigator thou arn AVENGED!
Whine into water bowl pipe then fiddle around a bit and BONG!
... It's not so bad, just a box thing Man, You know this. Stop beating
Your head against this wall and see what needs doing apart from what
Your volition is itching You for... You know what a lair THAT guy is.
Why loose it at the end? It's not a race. The best chance for the baby
to make it is a timing thing above all else. Why'd the Universe
abandon You now? Patience Jay...

However that may be sorry David, and a bunch others here over the
past... sometime anyway. Busy Jay and engineered obsolesence have
conspired with some... measures for My protection... to make
communication... interesting at best of late. I've been lax there
partly because I was unsure of how... contagious I was. Come to find
We ALL got THAT bug more or less but it's not a good excuse for making
people feel You don't take them as seriously as You do... Do unto says
feedback is given to get it and I have feedback but a day like that
puts such matters on the back burner and not by choice then yada yada
yada nuthin. I spin an awful lot into the void and is anybody
listening angst a bad moral hit so I am trying to communicate that I
have thoughts to offer and I'm curious but better to tell Me what You
think it is because I'm pulling My hair out at dumping cart cords. I
draw hexes on graph paper... I can drop floor plans directly on the
map. I can draw hexes on the globe of Earth and adapt same to any
planet as 1.3m hex makes quarter inch graph (@ 1 inch hexes) just over
a square foot each so I go with 1sq ft-ish which is a helluva lot
better scale than most systems and it's still TFT. Lining up the
inside tiles with the outside was an issue until I remembered frames
are relative. Ever see a dance step chart? I can do footsteps in those
squares when REALLY focused and turns are phases of a second. Turns
out some other cat was thinking lego and MineCraft is very similar to
the result digitally speaking. Carlsbad caverns makes for a very bad
floor to fight on in many places... far from perfect but way easier
and more objective than what often amounts to abstract periodic
teselations of whatever scale suits the idea instead of fitting
objective measure. Shared imagination demands the latter. Why else are
the hexes there to begin with. Never got a peep over this just
crickets chirping and echos but that's mostly My fault for being bad
at talk talk and so I keep trying when seeing redos of Vassal map in
My head otherwise. I don't understand this reinvent the wheel
business. A new edition of a ruleset is insulting as instead of
bumming the rules We have down to the right thing then sticking with
it We get buy this now scheduling in exchange and if My win10 rant
don't express how I feel about new for the sake of new then... don't
Program langs strike Me as suffering in somewhat the same way today
although had I known I'd have experts like happen to lurk My little
home nest here when I started I may have rethunk the idea of putting
everything on the page in quite such a Jay way... it was supposed to
help any others passing this way. Good intentions, failed as idea.
Happens in this field a LOT. Oh well. I'm at least not married to My
baby such that I think I own game as property. Lou Reed said He only
wrote the songs and has no idea what they mean. Think He meant
everyone takes their Own meaning once a work is out there. If table
top RPG is art it has the quality of shared creation among all Players
not passive experience of the work after the creation by mostly a
single Artist thinking author, painter, etc. GM was a huge mistake for
the main reason that it plays against this unique strength. Those
tiles can carry a lot of mechanic weight IF formalized enough for
objective to just eclipse subjective enough to be standard and not
home rules fodder. Here's one. A standard sword blade length of 3 foot
is just enough in the hands of Joe Average Hero to preform a 2 hex jab
in a fencers forward stepping thrust move. Who knew? Apparently not
even Steve. It's why My hex-carpet and other measuring tools are in
the traveling Wizards kit still when most the hardcopy is now carried
digitally. Visualizing what each other is talking about as closely as
possible is VERY important. Most people now seem to think the way
games are marketed are in fact game period. Back to selling over
perfecting. So I'll tell You what I want or tell Me what it's supposed
to be and I'll see what the Little People think... or don't encourage
the list jester just give Him a boot to the head if He gets too
close... or whatever You'd like really... I'm often offering opinion
when what they really meant was stroking. I SUCK there. It frequently
escapes Me that lying is the obvious best solution if time and
feelings are to be optimized for the short term haul. I keep factoring
learning into the equation and most people don't wanna renormalize
after a Jay workup so resent the critique. I on the other hand get the
term lame most frequently when not hearing Buddy Holly's band...
babble finished. Except for the text spitter... think Eliza would pass
most folks Turing Test were it able to access a babble sub instead of
focused directly on the convo? IDK... I have a question as to many
peoples ability to pass My Turing Test... anyway, if a computer can
babble like Me by algo then I'm wrong about any cover for public
electronic communication at all coming from that direction as Big
Brother IS watching these days and I've become a bit tickled from some
of My analyze THAT results... most are... I DESPISE writing. Naked on
the page is worse than actually for Me. I was also in remedial classes
and missed all the sentence diagrams and grammar because hey I'm Jay.
I pass the testing for gifted and talented and get put on the short
bus in a reverse Forest Gump. Don't cry for Me... I won't have mensa
not the otherway round but I got nothin for background and larnin
reading before schoolin screwed My spellin soooooo that on top of same
paper to three english graders get 3 different grades and I never
intended to write a damn thing ever so of course here I am... fyi.
Formal Systems can cover My trickle of cluelessness but it's hard for
people to overlook. Computers You think can without much problem?
Better start lookin for AI I'd think if so... Am I off base? Allusion
May be an illusion check and digital computing rolls its disbelieve...
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