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Re: Weird military acronyms

...and anyway if the nomenclature is known at the civilian level it's outta date most likely in current practice or generalized and trivial in its application to specific practice such as fubar, fng, fido, or fan to name a few of My !@#%ing faves... Jargon isn't meant to make the current practices plain to the public at large at least as far as I gather being professionless personally according to not Me assessments I still manage to merit while missing the object to access ostensibly and personally personality seems a pernicious prejudice picked pejoratively to judge Jay but hey, par for the course...

Or something like that... Idk but the above was sandwitched twixt some thousand words of text in the trickle of cluelessness voice that is My wont if You will... or even if You won't really as it just comes out that way but I learned a new term recently. "Self editing". Who knew?

Then again, no thing is perfect and My perception of punctuation keeps pestering Me to quote Myself which pisses Me off as the whole concept approaches the royal We a wittle twoo clwosely for what Iwam aftwer so be werry werry quwiet. I'm huwnting wackjobs.

"I have no idea what You meme. It's Harambe. Oh well, in for a penny in for a 400 pound gorilla I guess, assuming there's room of course. Best put Me down lest I get up with happy feet and pun-again... think of the chill THEN why don't You?"

See What I meme?
What about dancing into Mordor?