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Programmed Adventures

So, in preparation for running a TFT PBP on RPGnet, I worked my way through one of the sample adventures on Dark City Games' website. 

I've essentially never played TFT, and have instead appreciated it on a theoretical level. So I'm working the kinks out before players have to put up with me.

A few thoughts:
Combat is more predictable than Classic D&D, but not by lots. The worm can turn on you real quick.

Summon/Illusion spells are essential. Much like the Summon spells in the ACKS players guide, disposable cannon fodder is a game-changer.

I let my wizard regain fatigue between rooms. Not sure if that's the way to handle it, but it seemed consistent with TFT, and I was using those rules instead of the DCG ones.

Bows seemed less useful than they should be because of the size of the rooms, and it taking a whole round to switch weapons. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here? I felt like I'd have been better off to switch my archer for another dedicated melee fighter and just hammered things down.

The Sorcerers Manor requires an IQ check about every single room to find an item vital for the endgame. It's surprisingly complicated for a free solo adventure. Point is, take one wizard with a crazy high IQ just so you don't miss half the adventure. DCG's rules are way kinder to wizards with high IQ and crap for other stats, in some ways, but you can probably pull it off in regular TFT if you're careful.