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Re: The Space Gamer @ archive. org

Okay folks, here's how to get a readable, properly formatted copy of SGs 11 and 12. 

Go to the link provided by Kevin below in the "Google found some raw text..." sentence.

Once you pull up the page, note the line "see other formats" above the right-hand edge of the top of the document.

Click on that link.

You will see a listing of most of the Space Gamers there, including (voila!) numbers 11 and 12.

Click on 11 (or 12, whichever you prefer).  The resulting page will be a series of jpgs of the entire magazine (navigate through them by clicking on the left and right arrows at the bottom left).  Each separate image includes two pages from the magazine (with the first image being the front and back covers).

You can then place your mouse arrow over a pair of pages and right click.  You then can "save the image as" to wherever you want (I created a separate folder for each magazine in my Spacegamer folder).  Repeat this process about 24 times for both magazines, and you will have a complete collection of all Spacegamers (assuming you went to the earlier page and downloaded all the rest of them there in the much handier pdf format).

Its cumbersome, I know, but it's the ONLY place I've found the content of issues 11 and 12 on the web.

By the way, I was incorrect earlier about the number of TFT articles in TSG.  It appears they kept publishing them for a couple more issues after HT formally announced that Metagaming was going out of business (which was in issue 65, I think -- there's also some discussion in there about SJ attempting to buy TFT from HT when HT closed shop, which is when HT decided he wanted a quarter million bucks for the IP, which in turn directly lead SJ into developing GURPS).  So there's actually quite a bit of useful material in there.  I personally stopped getting the Space Gamer (I used to pick it up at my FLGS, back when my home town actually had a few of those), with issue 59 when I went into the USAF.  I also note that "The Haunting of Harkwood' (which later became "Harkwood" for GURPS), discusses how to convert the adventure to TFT rules, including some rules for jousting in TFT terms.  In short, there's a lot of goodness in there.  Several later adventures also discuss conversions to a 3d6 based system (including one created primarily for Traveller), so there's even something that might be done with that -- especially if you have any of DCG's space games (based on the TFT system, just like their Legends of the Ancient World fantasy version is).

Of the "missing" issues, 13 is definitely the best for Melee information; but there's a lot of Ogre articles in 11 and 12 (most of which, admittedly, can be found in "The Ogre Book" from SJGs), along with some interesting reviews and letters.

It's kind of fun reading through these things again, 30 years on -- what a lot of fun memories it brought up for me!

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On 10/16/2016 11:04 AM, Cris Fuhrman wrote:
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Unfortunately, some of the very first articles on Melee appeared around Issue 11 or 12 -- which is unavailable on there.

Google found some raw text from issue 12, probably of an OCR (it has a lot of errors) on Archive.org: https://archive.org/stream/space-gamer_201601/Space_Gamer_12_djvu.txt 
I actually found almost the entire collection of the Space Gamer there.

Slyvnr Groo