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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

That's a bit like comparing apples and oranges; what's true in this world might not be true in a fantasy world.  Which brings me to the second point this raises -- your personal approach is not the ONLY approach.  You're coming across a bit "Gygaxian" right now...

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Subject: Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT


> I can see forcing a player to jump through all of these 
> hoops if they're off by themselves somewhere.
> However, if Psionics is a known phenomena, practice-
> ioners are going to find out how to use them sooner or
> later and that knowledge is going to be passed down 
> through some channel.  ( ie, Guilds, schools, etc ).   

In the upcoming Movie "Dr Strange"  an eminent surgeon looses the use of his hands.  He spends his entire fortune to get them fixed but yet gains nothing except experience.  Embittered he travels.  The Sorceress teaches him the Psionic discipline of "Dimension Door".

I give this example so that I may say the following.

Psionic is by no means "a known phenomena" and "practitioners" may find the seekers, but the seekers do not just find "Guilds, schools".

> Also, the player should get some clue - ie, you spent 
> x points on attributes - your Psionic powers now seem
> weaker.

The little girl in the Netflix show "Stranger Things" has been in isolation, not able to cash in any experience points in any way.  She has no idea that she is the one manifesting the two worlded Demigorgon.  Being of such a young age, and probably only a 24 point character she (if the exp tables were adjusted for the low side) only needs 24 exp to gain a point of Psionics.  If tormented and isolated in that Lab long enough, she could very well have 200 points of psionic strength.

Point being... she has zero clue.

> This seems unfair. 

Ha ha ha,  :- ) Thank you for that.  I take it that you are unfamiliar with my reputation on this forum as being the only "killer GM", who mercilessly makes players cycle through characters.  Kill them early and often, I say.   "Unfair?"  LOL

Thank you for reading.

David Michael Grouchy II