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Re: Magic Item creation: Notes D thru H. What? What???

>  Rick Smith 
>   I also note that all of the quote you made from the
> TFT errata, support my economic argument just as
> much or more as it supports yours.  Nor do those
> quotes say anything on the D, E, F, etc. notes.

I agree with you on this.  Not my argument actually, just carrying the water, from the errata.  But I agree with the "fair market value" as well.

The phrase "very status conscious" under the section on The Wizards' Guild, is one clue.  Another is the "loop holes" phrase from the errata.  In my own analysis of the enchantment table I found the most profitable item to make is the Flying Carpet.  The payout on that is sooo much greater than any other enchantment, it becomes difficult to imagine a wizard being willing to enchant anything else for mere money.

Before I go further, I imagine every GM has their own view of The Wizards' Guild, if they even use that social convention at all.  As written though... 

Politics and status conscious, defines the wizards of the guild.  If the head of the guild is tied up too long in an enchantment, isn't that just as, if not more, effective than neutralizing the Grand Wizard in other ways?

But yeah, I also agree with your take on the matter.  Particularly because it is based on your real world experience in similar matters.  Absolutely.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if those very notes (D,E,F,G, and H) are what Steven and Howard had a falling out over.

Howard said TFT "took too long, and was too complicated" and Steve said that I took another week because he had to fix some economic loop holes (not his strong point).  So what ever he fixed, created a bigger problem.  Neither you nor Howard, agree with the way that went.  And to this day, many people don't like, or live by Marx's theories/laws.  Just like many people don't like Politics, or status struggles.

But I do remember a day in this country when someone talented enough to be a freelancer _could_ charge more, and the ones who did charge more became important, and leaders in their industry.  Where as the ones who did not became worker bees, slowly being paid less and less, and loosing their benefits, positions, and status.

But then I come right back to agreeing with you again when you mention "finding the next job" compared to having a back log of work to do.  

My own opinion?  It is a Status surcharge for things that take too long.  "Oh, you want me to enchant something important?  And it's going to take so long it runs past our next All-Moot?  The price just went up."

The only thing I would change in notes D - H is "this fee can be waived if the character is willing to wait 1-6 weeks per letter for enchantment to actually begin. (d = 4d6 weeks, e = 5d6, f = 6d6) and is able to cover the cost of publicity themselves."

Thanks for reading.

David Michael Grouchy II