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Re: Magic Item creation: Notes D thru H. Guilds for magic

Until I looked it up I hadn't realised that canon and cannon may share a root, the word for reed. Reeds are straight (eventually becomes canon) and they are hollow tubes (eventually becomes cannister, can, cannon) and they are used to make canes. This isn't certain, the etymology is a little hazy.

I'm guessing rules-as-written "RAW" TFT means just the original three books, and canon TFT also includes subsequent writings by Metagaming in e.g. Space Gamer. But who knows.


On 8 November 2016 at 08:24, <drfaustus61@cox.net> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

   Ok .. I'm sorry for the nit but this is beginning to bug me.

   What the hell is "Cannon TFT" ??

   I'm sure you mean "Canon TFT"


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