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Re: TFT TM applied for also

Coincidentally, I corresponded with George on this subject a week or two ago, and he told me that he doesn't feel that this will affect DCG at all -- they have different rules, they dropped the TFT logo quite a while ago, and in general, they don't feel like there will be any issues at all.  So, no copyright issues, no game overlap issues, and in general, no interference between the companies. 

I personally can't imagine this impacting DCG at all, except to possibly increase sales as interest in TFT and TFT-clones peaks over the next few months/years.

It would be way cool if SJG DID contact DCG for some collaboration, though!

From: Craig Barber <craigwbar@comcast.net>
To: tft@brainiac.com
Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 2:10 PM
Subject: TFT TM applied for also

SJG applied for the TMs as well, back on November 15th.

Come to think of it, George (Dew), have you heard from SJ?  How does he
plan to work with Dark City Games in regard to your game lineup?  Seems
to me that you've published more TFT scenarios than Metagaming and
everyone else combined ever did.

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