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Re: TFT TM applied for also


Now I’m really curious how your conversation with Steve went!

I wrote him last night and he responded. Not much news to tell you, he just gave me a thumbs up on my web site, as long as I don’t publish the rules (which I don’t). Plus he wanted my take on what a 2nd edition might look like. Which I gave him.

David O. Miller
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On Dec 26, 2017, at 6:02 PM, George Dew <gdew@responsenetworking.com> wrote:

Haven't heard from him yet.

This is really cool news.  I'm looking forward to updating my collection of TFT stuff.

However, I'm hoping that this won't have an impact on our project.  We've been extra careful to steer clear of the TFT copyright, to the point where our rules are significantly different.  

We'l see.

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SJG applied for the TMs as well, back on November 15th.

Come to think of it, George (Dew), have you heard from SJ?  How does he 
plan to work with Dark City Games in regard to your game lineup?   Seems 
to me that you've published more TFT scenarios than Metagaming and 
everyone else combined ever did.

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