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Re: Rick's comments on the Defend Option

Hi Jeff,
  The defend and dodge rules are an exception to the general
rule that you can get extreme success on more dice.  Under the
dodge / defend option in AM, they give rules specifically for 
those options.

Warm regards, Rick

On 2018-01-29, at 8:16 PM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:

It's probably worth pointing out that according to ITL (page 38), great success and terrible failure DO occur with differing dice numbers (it specifically mentions "trying to hit someone dodging," for example), just that the numbers where they occur are also different!

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Hi Matt, everyone.
  When you defend, you can not roll a 3 on 4 dice so triple damage
can not happen.  The chance of rolling a 4 on 4 dice is basically 
zero (0.08%) so it can not happen.  So defacto, the rules take double 
and triple hits off the table.

  One thing I am thinking of is to use the regular rules for Defend and
Aim, and the extra 1/3 miss rules in Defend and Edge Away.  This 
makes defending and edging an all out defence.  You give ground, 
and are not looking for places to attack, which makes you extra hard
to hit.


On 2018-01-29, at 5:35 PM, Matt Fraser wrote:

I'm OK with the 1/3.  Less than that and it's not much of a difference from the current chances.  

How about when defending, "special hits" (i.e., triple, double and criticals) are either downgraded (triples become doubles, etc.), or completely eliminated?