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Re: TFT in Dragon Magazine

Yep pretty much a mixed bag to willy nilly for me.

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Here are my reactions:

* It's written in response to Wizard, not Advanced Wizard.
* Almost all of the spells are inadequately described.
* I like that many of the spells are resisted by the target - the
official TFT spells could use more of that IMO.
* There are a few interesting ideas if someone were to write actual
appropriate rules for them.

Freedom - I think this is a good idea but the description is
inadequate as to how it works exactly, and it compares unfavorably to
Remove Thrown Spell in Advanced Wizard (IQ 14 vs 16, 2 fST vs 4,
broader scope). I think there could be some room for a
better-developed version of it.

Heat Metal - there's a better-developed version of this in Interplay,
which I used, though it is also kind of a terrible killer spell too
for people who wear full metal armor (!).

Slip - Nice idea, but needs more thought and development. If a figure
were "totally frictionless" they probably wouldn't be able to move
around and 1/2 MA. Etc.

Stun - Mislabeled as a creation spell, again probably wants development.

Tongues - Again just an idea without a usable description, but could
be interesting if someone described it interestingly.

Weakness - has an interesting effects but is a bit weird (another 1/2
MA effect) and maybe high cost against humans but what a deal against
a big high-ST monster (since they probably didn't consider that).

Animate Dead - a different take on Create Zombie, somewhat
interesting, with no rules about maintenance or decay.

Apport - interesting idea, needs to specify limits.

Blind - Ok.

Paralyze - similar but worse than Freeze.

Enchant Weapon - High fST cost for what it does, doesn't say what the
limits are.

Magic Sword - Eh, ok, it's different.

Polymorph - A cheapish but temporary Shapeshifting that doesn't
change ST or DX (doesn't say what happens to IQ...)... kind of weird
and needs more definition, but if given more thought and more fully
described might be interesting.

Earthquake - Interesting but inadequate rules. 7 fST seems really low
to damage & trip everyone within 5 MH. Also it's a weird automatic
effect, imbalanced/wrong to do a flat 1d damage to everyone, and
probably would logically mess with buildings to that's a campaign
balance sort of issue and again should probably cost more fST.

Raise Dead - Again needs many more details. Nothing really
interesting to add to the AW Zombie spell.

Wither - Seems quite powerful, but again not enough rules to use it.

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