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Re: Why not close down the Brainiac TFT forum?

Joe - 


Just my $.02.


- Jack

On Thu, 3 May 2018 09:28:46 -0400, Joe Hartley  wrote:

Thanks for the support, Rick.  I'm glad that some folks appreciate the labor
of love that this list has been for the last 20 years(!) 

Jeff, I've found the biggest problem with list delivery is to Yahoo's servers,
which accept the mail but may or may not actually send it on to the recipient.
You may wish to try a reliable mail service.  There's only one other service I
have real issues with, which I believe to be agressive spam filtering.  I've
had a gmail account for years to test the list with, and I've never had a
message dropped.  A few have ended up in the spam folder because of certain
content keywords, but that's quite rare.

Rick, the hooked weapons concept is quite interesting in that the goal isn't
a traditional wound, and I like the thought you've been putting into it.

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