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Re: Project Update #25: THE FANTASY TRIP – Old-School Roleplaying! by Steve Jackson Games

On Sun, August 5, 2018 5:28 am, Kickstarter wrote:
> Last week, Brandon Moore spent a miserable time in Austin with air
> conditioning issues; any of you who have enjoyed a Texas summer will know
> why a dead AC unit is not a good thing. Fortunately, Brandon's technical
> difficulties have been resolved, and he is back to work on ***The Fantasy
> Trip***. Yesterday, Branon shared this updated image of the GM screen
> artwork with our office crew, and we wanted all of you to see how it is
> coming together.

Shoot, summer? The first time I went to Austin, it was Dec. 14th and 101
degrees. I swear the seasons never changed the entire 3 years I lived

More people die in TX from no AC then die in WI from no heat.

Neil Gilmore